Thursday, 19 April 2012

Update - Bill 118

On April 16, 2012, the MTO posted a regulatory notice proposing a change to Ontario Regulation # 366/09 (Display Screens and Hand-Held Devices) that would extend the current exemption for licenced amateur radio operators for an additional five years.

As you know, the exemption was due to expire at the end of this calendar year, and radio amateurs in Ontario have been lobbying their provincial members of parliament for a permanent exemption ever since this regulation was introduced back in 2009. Radio amateurs across Ontario will continue to provide comments to the Road User Safety Branch of MTO on this issue and will continue to press until we get a permanent exemption.

However, a 5-year extension is certainly welcome at this point in time, but is not the ultimate resolution that we have been seeking.

The only other group to obtain an extension are commercial, public transit, and public function drivers.

You can view the notice in the provincial registry at:

ECOA welcomes this news and requests that amateurs in Ontario continue to use common sense while driving and using their mobile radios, and that they keep constant pressure on the MTO for a permanent exemption.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

New ECOA Website

ECOA is pleased to announce that as we continue to grow and develop, we have moved our website to it's very own domain name.

Our website can now be found at  Pay us a visit!!

Friday, 6 April 2012

ECOA - "To Serve and Communicate"

ECOA is building EmComm leadership for Public Safety and Service in Ontario.  This is your opportunity to consider joining our new Provincial Association with all the following benefits of membership available at one low cost annual fee.

1. Blanket liability Insurance coverage with no conditions.

2. Effective online Amateur Radio and EmComm training material and resources.

3. Government funding and grants to upgrade communications networks.

4. The latest EmComm news events available on two online websites and also a
linked Blog for comments and postings related to Emergency Communications.

5. Free website hosting for EmComm Chapters and Groups throughout Ontario.

6. Free e-mail alias server, your callsign @

Chart your volunteer EmComm future with ECOA and enjoy community and
public service planning with coordination that will keep Ontario on the leading edge of Emergency Communications technology today and tomorrow.

R. Gammon. VA3RX.
ECOA President and Provincial Emergency Coordinator

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Congratulations to Russ - VX9GHD !!!

History was made yesterday as Industry Canada issued its first license on the new 60 meter developmental band, VX9GHD to VE3FI Russ Hemphill of Haliburton, Ontario.

Canadians have been waiting for 3 years for this new opportunity to join the USA, and Britain.  Russ-VE3FI, the Vice President for Administraion of ECOA, tells us that 60m is badly needed for Emergency Communications, especially when conditions on 40 and 80 are not suitable for transmitting or receiving traffic.

This experimental license is valid for one year.  After the one year period 60m will then be open for regular use by all Canadian amateurs using their own call sign.

Any Canadian amateur can apply for this new experimental license by sending in an application to Industry Canada with $52.80 upon approval.  Details available on the IC website.

Well done to Russ and ECOA for making this HUGE first step for Canadian hams!!!

Dayton Hamvention® 2012

It's coming up on May 18-20 2012.
The Dayton Hamvention is closing vast, so get you tickets online now and save $$$ at the gate. 
If you want to know more here is the site   hope to see you there as I know some of the Directors of ECOA and members will be there, looking for bargains .