Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas to all

The ECOA Executive would like to take this opportunity to wish all
our members, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2014.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

EC Appointment

ECOA is pleased to announce that David Sellick, VE3DZE, has been appointed EC for Lennox-Addington County, effective 15 October, 2013.

Dave has been a long time member of ECOA, and is a very experienced digital operator.  We look forward to the expansion of Emcomm in Lennox-Addington County under his watch.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

EmComm Net

ECOA is pleased to announce that once again we are starting Tuesday, the 3rd September, 2013, the ECOA EmComm HF Net for the fall and winter period. 

This net will take place from 1915 till 2015 local time on 3.755 MHz, and the net will start immediately after the Laurentian Net.

We would like to thank, once again, the ONTARS net, and Barry-VE3ISX, for facilitating space for this EmComm net.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

2013 Annual General Meeting

ECOA is pleased to report that all resolutions were passed at its Annual General Meeting held on May 25, 2013, at the Don Montgomery Centre in Scarborough.  The Board of Directors would like to thank all members for their continued support and confidence.

The two most important items of business where the announcements on the inauguration of our new provincial Emcomm Field Service, and making public the details on our new $5 million liability package.

The Board of Directors and Officers would like to congratulate David Sellick, VE3DZE, and Ralph Muecke, VE3XYC, who were elected to the Board of Directors.

ECOA looks forward to an outstanding 2013 - 2014.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Insurance Update

ECOA members will be pleased to read that the Association has now updated our liability insurance coverage from $2 million per member to $5 million per member. 

This outstanding insurance coverage is included in the low annual membership price of $20 per member. 

ECOA is determined to provide Ontario hams the best insurance coverage, for the lowest cost. 

Details of the liability coverage will be posted on our main website on the next update.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

2013 AGM


The ECOA 2013 AGM will be held on Saturday 25th May.

This year the AGM will be held at the Don Montgomery Centre, Scarborough, located at 2467 Eglinton Ave East.

We hope to see all of our members out for this event.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Canwarn Training 2013

Folks, some additional locations have been added to the spring training dates. Specifically, we have added two sessions in Huron County on April 25, confirmed the venue in Dufferin County on May 15 and added sessions in Belleville on May 25 and Renfrew on June 5. Training in Northwestern Ontario will take place during the week of June 3 with specific dates and venues being announced in the next training update.

Thanks to all of you who have replied to the canwarn.ontario@ec.gc.ca account with the session you plan to attend or emailed Bill Hoad at bhoad@xcelco.on.ca with your intent to attend the Sarnia session. If you plan on attending a session but haven't yet RSVP'd, please feel free to do so in the coming days.

The response so far indicates that we will again have a strong turnout this year. Thanks again for being a part of this worthwhile program.

April 16 – 7 PM – Leamington – Kinsmen Recreational Complex – 249 Sherk St
April 17 – 7 PM – Sarnia – Upper Hall Clearwater Arena – 1400 Wellington St.
April 18 – 7 PM – London – Fanshawe College Building T Room T1003 – 1001 Fanshawe College Blvd. – Free parking at any metered spots on campus after 6 PM
April 20 – 9 AM – Hamilton – Nash Auditorium Chedoke Hospital – Sanatorium Road – free parking in lot across from the auditorium
April 25 – 1 PM – North Huron (Wingham) – North Huron Wescast Community Complex – Hot Stove Lounge – 99 Kerr Drive
April 25 – 7 PM – South Huron (Exeter) – Exeter Firehall – 55 William Street
April 27 – 9 AM – Orillia/Rama – Rama Fire Hall – 7454 Williams Road in Rama
April 27 – 9 AM – Ottawa – Nepean Sailing Club – 3259 Carling Ave., Nepean
May 1 – 7 PM – Kitchener - Bingemans Conference Centre – 425 Bingemans Centre Drive
May 4 – 9 AM – Toronto – Environment Canada Headquarters – 4905 Dufferin St
May 8 – 7 PM – Toronto – Environment Canada Headquarters – 4905 Dufferin St
May 14 – 7 PM – Peterborough – Public Library – 345 Aylmer St. North
May 15 – 7 PM – Dufferin County – Centre Dufferin Recreational Complex – 200 Fiddlepark Lane - Shelburne
May 25 – 9 AM – Sudbury – Lionel E. Lalonde Centre, 239 Montee Principale, Azilda.
May 25 – 10 AM – Belleville – Belleville Library 3rd Floor Conference Room - 254 Pinnacle St
May 26 - 1 PM - Espanola - Pinewood Inn, 378 Centre St.
May 26 – 7 PM - Elliot Lake - Renaissance Centre (tentative), 20 Veterans Way
May 27 - 7 PM - Sault Ste. Marie - Delta Sault Ste. Marie, 208 St. Mary's Drive
May 29 – 7 PM - Timmins – Holiday Inn, 30 Algonquin Blvd West.
May 31 – 6:30 PM - North Bay - OPP Communications Centre - 877 Gormanville Road
June 5 – 6:30 PM – Renfrew – Best Western – 760 Gibbons Road


Geoff Coulson
Warning Preparedness Meteorologist
Environment Canada

Monday, 18 February 2013

RaDAR-America Contest

Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio, often referred to by its acronym RaDAR, is a concept for operating an amateur radio station anywhere, anytime and even in adverse environmental conditions. This concept supports the amateur radio service’s emergency communications mandate and ECOA is very pleased to support this excellent concept.
Marcus KD0JKM is organising a RaDAR-America Contest - an event aimed at promoting the use of Rapidly Deployable Amateur Radio stations throughout North and South America. This contest is for all licensed radio amateurs.

A choice is made prior to the contest to participate in one of the defined categories. The points system is so structured as to encourage portable operation, especially moveable stations.

This contest will take place at the same time in South Africa (the Nation from which the idea originated), as it will here in the Americas - the first Saturday of April (the 6th) and first Saturday of November (the 2nd) starting at 14:00 UTC and ending at 18:00 UTC (4 hours operating time)

For more information on the RaDAR-America Contest, visit the website HERE.
This is an outstanding opportunity to shake off the winter dust and test out your Go-Kits and portable antennas.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Greater Toronto Area ARES Nets

Amateur Radio stations anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area are invited to check into the evening nets of the Toronto ARES Group.  The nets begin with a call out to roll call stations but the Net Control Station (VE3NCS) will also issue a call for any station anywhere to check in.

All weeknight nets start at 8.00 PM.

The Net on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights is a SIMPLEX net on 147.405 MHz. You must transmit a PL tone of 103.5 hz.

The Monday night net is held on the VE3TNC repeater (147.270+) in downtown Toronto. No tone required.

The Wednesday night net is held on the VA3GTU repeater 4B (444.850+) in downtown Toronto. 103.5 tone required.

The Friday night net is held on the VA3GTU repeater 4C (443.750+) in Scarborough. 103.5 tone required.

On Saturday nights additional nets are held at 8.30 PM on repeater VE3RPT (147.060+) and at 9.00 PM on 6 Meter repeater VA3ECT (53.390-).

On Sunday evening three nets are held at 8 PM a net is held on the VE3BEG repeater (224.860-). At 8.30 PM a simplex net is held on 446.025 MHz. At 9.00 PM a 6 Meter simplex net is held on 52.525 MHz. None of these 3 nets require a tone.

At 5.30 PM on Sundays, the GTA Regional Net is held on the CN Tower repeater VE3TWR 145.410-(103.5) and 444.400+.

By participating in any of these nets you are putting your radio on the air and ensuring that it is working properly.  You are also informing all the other Amateur Radio Operators in Toronto that you are on the map. That you exist.

Being an Amateur Radio Operator means you talk on a radio with other Amateur Radio Operators.  Checking into the ARES Nets is your best easy way to do that on VHF and UHF.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Well Done!

Most emcomm groups take part in the ARRL Field Day, but how many take part in the SPAR Winter Field Day?  Being able to do your job in the cold or the heat is paramount, and the same is true in emcomm. 
Our emcomm groups in Eastern Ontario all took part in Winter Field Day this year, setting up for the weekend and erecting antennas in -16C weather.   Not only did these groups deploy to isolated locations, some with electricity, some with batteries, and operate for the full 24 hours, they had to live, sleep, and cook in those conditions as well.

This is Canada, not all of our emergencies will take place in good weather.  In fact statistics tell us we have a greater chance of being called out in the winter than we do in the summer.  How would your group do?
Well done to the Eastern Ontario groups who practiced their winter operating skills.  They are really living up to ECOA's motto: "Utrinque Paratus" - Ready for Anything.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Western Sector Announcement

The ECOA Executive is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Gilbank- VE3ZBG, as the new Sector Manager for ECOA's Western Sector.

As Sector Manager Brett will be responsible for: Bruce County, Grey County, Huron County, Perth County, Lambton County, MIddlesex County, Oxford Regional Municipality, Essex County, Kent County, and Elgin County.

The ECOA Executive also looks forward to hearing of the CANWARN expansion in this Sector.  Brett brings a high level of experience to this position and we look forward to watching Western Sector grow over the next few months. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

New HF Emcomm Net

ECOA is pleased to announce that starting Tuesday, the 22nd January, 2013, it will be starting a new Emcomm HF Net.  This net will take place from 1915 till 2015 local time on 3.755 MHz.

Our net will start immediately after the Laurentian Net.

We would like to thank the ONTARS net, and Barry-VE3ISX, for facilitating space for this net.

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Sector Manager

The ECOA Executive is very pleased to announce the appointment of Russ Hemphill - VE3FI, as the new Sector Manager for ECOA's Central Sector.

As Sector Manager Russ will be responsible for: Northumberland County, City of Peterborough, County of Haliburton, City of Kawartha Lakes, Regional Municipality of Muskoka, County of Simcoe, and Parry Sound District.

Russ brings a high level of experience to this position and we look forward to watching grow the Sector over the  next few months.

The ECOA Executive looks forward to working with Russ through this exciting time of growth in our association.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Winter Field Day 2013

It's that time of year again!  Once again ECOA Emcomm groups will be taking part in the SPAR Winter Field Day.

To quote the SPAR website: "Not only during Field Day in June, do the bands come alive with improvised signals proving the ability to respond to emergencies. Since emergencies and natural disasters don't always happen in the summer, during Winter Field Day, frigid winds, icy limbs and bitter cold replace the thunderstorms and blistering heat of summer.

In 2007 SPAR established a Winter Field Day event and invited all Amateur Radio operators to participate. The event was repeated in 2008 and was considered a success, so it was then designated an annual event to be held the last full weekend each January".

The rules for the event can be found on this LINK.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lennox-Addington Emcomm

ECOA is pleased to announce that authorisation has been given to activate a new Emcomm Group in
Lennox-Addington County effective January 2nd, 2013.
Up to this time there has been no Emcomm group active in Lennox-Addington County, and Emcomm support to the county has been on an ad-hoc basis from various groups outside the county.
The Provincial Emergency Coordinator, Bob Gammon-VA3RX, will issue the certificate of activation, and confirm the appointment of their new EC.
Congratulations to Lennox-Addington Emcomm Group, and welcome aboard!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Net News

Please be advised that the ECOA Sunday night net has changed its time.  This net will now take place from 1900 - 2000 Local on IRLP Node 9035.

The Ontario Provincial Communications Network (Procom) Nets also take place on IRLP Node 9035 at 2000 - 2100 Local, on Thursday and Sunday nights.

Please support these emcomm nets.

A message from our President

As I begin my term as President I would like to start by thanking Bob for his service to ECOA, his great effort and the time he put into this organization. To quote the Beatles, "It's been a long and winding Road", and I suppose we can add "rocky" to that description as well.

Without Bob's steady hand it could have been a lot worse. Many Thanks Bob; and we look forward to working with you in your new role as our Provincial Emergency Coordinator.

As of today we start to move forward, building ECOA into a first class, highly visible, energetic, emergency communications organization. This will be done by recruiting more  qualified and highly energetic individuals into leadership positions for our new Field Service, and by fully supporting them as they grow their sectors, districts and groups.

I look forward to working with you all through this exciting time as we launch this rebuilding project for public safety and service.