Saturday, 12 January 2013

Western Sector Announcement

The ECOA Executive is extremely pleased to announce the appointment of Brett Gilbank- VE3ZBG, as the new Sector Manager for ECOA's Western Sector.

As Sector Manager Brett will be responsible for: Bruce County, Grey County, Huron County, Perth County, Lambton County, MIddlesex County, Oxford Regional Municipality, Essex County, Kent County, and Elgin County.

The ECOA Executive also looks forward to hearing of the CANWARN expansion in this Sector.  Brett brings a high level of experience to this position and we look forward to watching Western Sector grow over the next few months. 

Friday, 11 January 2013

New HF Emcomm Net

ECOA is pleased to announce that starting Tuesday, the 22nd January, 2013, it will be starting a new Emcomm HF Net.  This net will take place from 1915 till 2015 local time on 3.755 MHz.

Our net will start immediately after the Laurentian Net.

We would like to thank the ONTARS net, and Barry-VE3ISX, for facilitating space for this net.

Monday, 7 January 2013

New Sector Manager

The ECOA Executive is very pleased to announce the appointment of Russ Hemphill - VE3FI, as the new Sector Manager for ECOA's Central Sector.

As Sector Manager Russ will be responsible for: Northumberland County, City of Peterborough, County of Haliburton, City of Kawartha Lakes, Regional Municipality of Muskoka, County of Simcoe, and Parry Sound District.

Russ brings a high level of experience to this position and we look forward to watching grow the Sector over the  next few months.

The ECOA Executive looks forward to working with Russ through this exciting time of growth in our association.

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Winter Field Day 2013

It's that time of year again!  Once again ECOA Emcomm groups will be taking part in the SPAR Winter Field Day.

To quote the SPAR website: "Not only during Field Day in June, do the bands come alive with improvised signals proving the ability to respond to emergencies. Since emergencies and natural disasters don't always happen in the summer, during Winter Field Day, frigid winds, icy limbs and bitter cold replace the thunderstorms and blistering heat of summer.

In 2007 SPAR established a Winter Field Day event and invited all Amateur Radio operators to participate. The event was repeated in 2008 and was considered a success, so it was then designated an annual event to be held the last full weekend each January".

The rules for the event can be found on this LINK.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lennox-Addington Emcomm

ECOA is pleased to announce that authorisation has been given to activate a new Emcomm Group in
Lennox-Addington County effective January 2nd, 2013.
Up to this time there has been no Emcomm group active in Lennox-Addington County, and Emcomm support to the county has been on an ad-hoc basis from various groups outside the county.
The Provincial Emergency Coordinator, Bob Gammon-VA3RX, will issue the certificate of activation, and confirm the appointment of their new EC.
Congratulations to Lennox-Addington Emcomm Group, and welcome aboard!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Net News

Please be advised that the ECOA Sunday night net has changed its time.  This net will now take place from 1900 - 2000 Local on IRLP Node 9035.

The Ontario Provincial Communications Network (Procom) Nets also take place on IRLP Node 9035 at 2000 - 2100 Local, on Thursday and Sunday nights.

Please support these emcomm nets.

A message from our President

As I begin my term as President I would like to start by thanking Bob for his service to ECOA, his great effort and the time he put into this organization. To quote the Beatles, "It's been a long and winding Road", and I suppose we can add "rocky" to that description as well.

Without Bob's steady hand it could have been a lot worse. Many Thanks Bob; and we look forward to working with you in your new role as our Provincial Emergency Coordinator.

As of today we start to move forward, building ECOA into a first class, highly visible, energetic, emergency communications organization. This will be done by recruiting more  qualified and highly energetic individuals into leadership positions for our new Field Service, and by fully supporting them as they grow their sectors, districts and groups.

I look forward to working with you all through this exciting time as we launch this rebuilding project for public safety and service.